Cool Cell System

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This unique cooling system made it finally possible to cool the air outdoors or indoors in a large area. Under many conditions, this system can lower the air temperature by 10C to 18Cs.

Complete system including fan, pump, water tank, cooling pads, to provide a lowered temperature jet to keep a large area cool during summer.

Ideal to be used for outdoor cooling, or for large shop, or any place that is over heated.

Modular system provides for easy installation
No need to remove pads - all mounting done externally

1. Mount brackets on building,
2. Tip up module and screw top flange,
3. Install Drain hose,
4. Install water supply pipe
Install water supply pipe
Galvanized brackets and a full length metal support angle matching the bottom of the trough provides best support of any cool cell system

Drain trap between each module provides a place for debris to settle (does not need to be recycled) Plugs to access the individual holes for maintenance without shutting down the system

C. Water supply to each module may be shut off for maintenance without disturbing the operation of other cells

D. Made of all non corrosive material

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