Swine News from North America

  Last Updated: Tuesday 8th of February 2011 10:18:00 PM +0800HKT

Gov. Terry Branstad announced plans Monday to lead a trade delegation to South Korea and eventually open a small permanent office there as a way of expanding Iowa's already considerable presence overseas.

  Last Updated: Monday 31st of January 2011 06:01:00 AM +0800HKT

Research by scientists at Kansas State University and North Carolina State University found a high prevalence of antibiotic resistant bacteria in the intestines of house flies and German cockroaches as well as in pig feces – all from the same farms.

  Last Updated: Saturday 29th of January 2011 07:18:00 AM +0800HKT

Smithfield Foods Inc., the world's largest pork processor and hog producer, said Friday that it completed the sale of its Texhoma, Okla., hog production operations to Prestage Farms Inc. for an undisclosed amount.

  Last Updated: Monday 10th of January 2011 07:34:00 AM +0800HKT

A Purdue Extension workshop will help pork producers deal with economic, regulatory and production challenges they face in an uncertain and ever-changing industry.

  Last Updated: Thursday 9th of December 2010 09:23:00 PM +0800HKT

The Iowa Board of Regents approved the creation of a Swine Medicine Education Center at Iowa State University at their meeting today.