Swine Articles on Oceania

New Zealand-based Living Cell Technologies, which is pioneering the development of the world's first pig cell implants to treat diabetes, has won approval to sell its technology in Russia.

New Zealand has announced a complete ban on the use of sow stalls by the end of 2015.

A ban on sow crates will mean price rises and some farmers may be driven out of the industry, the Pork Industry Board says.

Agriculture Minister David Carter has announced that the use of sow stalls on New Zealand pig farms will be banned by the end of 2015.

The changes are contained in the Animal Welfare Code (Pigs) Code of Welfare 2010, which comes into effect on Friday.

A south-west Western Australian pork producer says the costs associated with phasing out the use of sow stalls will be felt by consumers.

Yesterday, the Australian pork industry voted to begin a voluntary move away from using gestation stalls by 2017.