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Qingdao Futaid Pig Equipment

Plastic feedersIt is used for farrowing crate.There are two kinds of the plastic feeders:sow plastic feeders and piglets plastic feeders.
It is used for supporting plastic floor and cast iron floors.
Supply the best air-disposal approach for the building. The design is ahead of times.Three frames -: galvanized steel plate, fiberglass and static powder coat steel plate, equipped with three six blades.The motor can be dual-voltage, dual-frequency or single-voltage (110v/230v,50/60HZ,220/380v...
The ceiling inlet made of ABS plastic ensures its usage in any season. The air flows from every direction keep indoor temperature for long time and improve indoor ventilation.
Light weight, low maintenance rate and easy cleaning. Alary shutter blade for high efficiency and low wind resistance. It will not damage when bending and curling. Same blade angle at 70-75 degree when they open.
This unique cooling system made it finally possible to cool the air outdoors or indoors in a large area. Under many conditions, this system can lower the air temperature by 10C to 18Cs.Complete system including fan, pump, water tank, cooling pads, to provide a lowered temperature jet to keep a..
We produce many styles of interlocking plastic floors for nursery pigs according to customer's design and requirements. Available sizes include: 1'x2', 1'x18',20'x24',16'x24', 400 mm x 600 mm, Plastic floors can be interlocked with cast iron floors for farrowing applications.* Our plastic floors..
Suitable for most farrowing gates and used for sow fed by casting food or hand. Made of 304 SS material. Most styles for customer's choice and also can be made according to customer requirements.
In different period pig has different request to the environment. Well designed gate equipment provide the pigs with a comfortable environment to lessen sickness and increase piglet survival rate. It is convenient to be operated and managed. Major gate equipment designed by our company..
Complete farrowing systems include: Galvanized or powder coated farrowing crates. Strong Stainless or plastic sow feeders. Floors of plastic and cast iron combination. Fiberglass beams or galvanized steel beams. Ready made strong PVC dividing panels (20 mm, or 35 mm). Galvanized corner posts and..