Stainless steel fan

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• The fan blade is stainless steel, reasonable blade profile angle, high strength, big wind volume,  non-deforming, non-breaking-up, without distortion, no noise,no broken,easy to be started, attractive and durable.
• Adopts the best automatic belt tensioner which can adjust up and tight so that the belt   can't pine and drop.
• Adopts the best domestic axletree(bearings),high intensity, low noise, long service life.This axletree also is used in FIAT car in Italy .
• Frame: galvanized steel sheet,
• Variety sizes of shape and install conveniently.
• Size of shape (blade): 900mm,1000mm,1100mm,1400mm,1550mm five kinds.
• Our fans were adjusted by advanced computer balancing tester, to smooth operating, reduce noise, enhance stability, extend service life.

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