VIV Russia 2011

Moscow, Russia
May 17, 2011 to May 19, 2011

The Russian industry for animal production and meat processing is in dynamic development. With the new Food Security doctrine recently adapted by the Russian government, the aim is to increase the share of domestic food production by 80n 2020. With this economic boost in the development of the domestic livestock production, international advanced technology is strongly in demand. Over the years VIV Russia has proven to be the platform where international players showcase the latest developments in animal production. In 2011, the 5th edition will again be the platform where you can expand your trade relations and find new business opportunities to inject the domestic framework for livestock producers with new high tech developments / solutions. 600f the visitors of the 2009 edition indicated that they have investment plans for the next 12 months. for a total amount of 500 million dollars. The Russian government aims at increasing the domestic meat production with 2511111y 2012. By participating in VIV Russia 2011, you have the opportunity to grow your business and benefit from the huge potential the Russian market has on offer for you.


Moscow, Russia
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Renate Wiendels
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