Germany slaughters pigs in dioxin scare

German and EU authorities are dealing with an alert that started on Jan 3 when German officials said dioxin-tainted feed had been fed to hens and pigs, contaminating eggs and poultry meat at the affected farms.

Authorities in the northern state of Lower Saxony said that pork from one pig farm had shown dioxin levels above permitted levels and that several hundred pigs on the farm had been slaughtered and the meat disposed of.

Prosecutors in Germany are investigating the cause of the contamination and specifically whether industrial fats and feeds company Harles and Jentzsch distributed fatty acids meant for industrial paper production to animal feed processors.

Meanwhile, the association of EU animal feed makers Fefac said on Tuesday it was developing a new plan to monitor dioxin in the feed fat supply chain which it hoped to have drafted by the end of January.

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