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We just recently added a pot bellied pig to our family and she is wonderful! She is a house pig and leesh trained. We are discussing if we want to have her spayed or if we want to let her have piglets and then spay her.... we are thinking of breeding her with a kune kune or another smaller pig breed, but cant find any farms that sell semen for the smaller breeds.
Since we got our pig we have had 5 offers for people who want to buy her. In our region it is a new thing to have a pet house pig and lots of people want one. All 5 of these offers have been people we know so yes, we do have homes ready for the piglets. These are smaller pigs not the normal farm hogs most people think of and they are easily house trained and are GREAT additions to a family. We want her to experiance motherhood and not miss out on it before she is fixed.

I don't think you can buy the semen.
I think you should just find a breeder and ask if you can use their male.

WHY do you want to breed her? Do you already have homes for the piglets? I'll be nice, but you are going to catch a lot of flak from animal rescuers...

I just went to a local auction (been there for probably 80 years) and saw several that went for only $20. The buyers were shady looking characters, and you just know what happened to the pigs later.

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